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    • Photography Level

      Photography Level

      It’s simple to find a camera to suit your level of photography experience. Search for Entry-level if you're starting out, Enthusiast if you've been shooting for a while, or Pro if photography is your business.

    • Effective Megapixels

      Refine your choice by effective megapixels, the number of pixels used by the camera’s sensor to create the image: more megapixels mean higher image resolution.

    • Maximum ISO Sensitivity

      Select by ISO, an international standard for an imaging sensor’s sensitivity to light: the higher the ISO capability, the greater capacity your camera will have to capture crisp and clear images in low light.

    • Features


      Select your favourite features: choose Optional or Built-in Wi-Fi® for easy connectivity, SnapBridge for automatic image syncing to your smart device and instant sharing, or GPS for tracking your shooting locations.

    • Image Sensor Format

      Choose a DX or FX image sensor: DX format is smaller in size, but covers less of the image projected by the lens, giving a 1.5x crop factor. FX format offers a higher sensitivity, and no crop factor with full frame.

    • Monitor

      A Vari-angle screen helps you to frame images more creatively, making it simple to shoot low angle to capture a child's or pet's point of view, or high-angle to capture images over crowds at sporting or music events.

    • Video

      Shoot Full HD movies or choose state-of-the-art 4K Ultra High Definition movies, ensuring your memories stay viewable for years to come. 4K UHD offers four times the resolution of Full HD.

    • Focus Points

      The more focus points there are within your camera's AF system, the more accurate your subject acquisition will be. Selectable focus points let you choose various focus configurations to suit your shooting situation.

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