What does it take to create iconic pictures? Matthias Hangst, sports photography

What does it really take to create iconic pictures? Award-winning sports photographer, Matthias Hangst, shares his thoughts. "The D5 really pushes things to a new level. Better ISO performance gives me the chance to shoot with faster shutter speed and freeze any sort of action. Once, when the sun was coming in really low, we were shooting a player in a white jersey in order to see how the D5 performs with low contrast, back lit subjects. We got around 20 or 30 frames in a row and the AF tracking performance was really impressive." Matthias Hangst, award-winning sports photographer.

Listen to the pros: Ole Jørgen Liodden, Nature & wildlife photography

What does it take to really stand out as a nature & wildlife photographer? Listen to professional nature photographer, Ole Jørgen Liodden, as he shares his thoughts. "Once we saw two grizzle bears - young adults - fighting or playing in the water. It was very dark and I was shooting at ISO 102400, but the image quality was still impressive. It rained almost every day on the Alaska shoot and the camera was usually wet, but it still worked perfectly. That’s extremely important to me: It means I have a tool that works in all kinds of conditions. The fact that the D5’s autofocus can detect subjects even at -4 EV is a great update." Ole Jørgen Liodden, Norwegian nature and wildlife photographer.

Hear it from the pros: Bill Frakes, photojournalism

"Emotional motion. The visual switch has no off position for me. I make images whenever the moment presents itself, and that's pretty often." - Bill Frakes. On the Nikon D5: "This is an amazing imaging machine. It has unbelievably accurate autofocus systems, high ISO beyond anything I could previously have imagined possible, and unmatched ergonomics. I’m so excited to have a 4K file from a Nikon. 4K is critical to me because I want to show every detail in a file format that will remain viable and contemporary far into the future. I’ve dedicated my life to storytelling and I can absolutely depend on Nikon to see me through." Bill Frakes, photojournalism, sports and filmmaking.

Chasing speed: Mirco Lazzari, Motor sports

“The photo of the rider just as he turned the corner and came right up close to me – you have to shoot 12 frames in 1 second to capture a shot like this! The way the D5’s autofocus tracked and acquired the image, and the clear visibility of the viewfinder are two big steps forward which makes this photo possible.” Mirco Lazzari, pro motor sports photographer.

Finding beauty: Dixie Dixon, Fashion photography

"I absolutely loved working with the D5. Skin tones are extremely important in my work and I feel like this camera really excels in that area. Its continuous shooting speed and autofocus, you can also capture what you couldn’t before: those split second facial expressions are usually the best shots. I also found the new touch screen very helpful in letting me quickly zoom in check sharpness, hair/makeup and many other details." Dixie Dixon, fashion, beauty and lifestyle photographer.


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