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The advanced Scene Recognition System delivers superior exposures and is supported by Nikon’s widely acclaimed 51-point AF system, which offers broad coverage and individually selectable points. Selectable Picture Controls streamline in-camera image processing, saving time in post-production. The high definition 3-inch LCD monitor supports two Live View modes plus an HDMI video output. Protected by a tough, environmentally-sealed magnesium alloy body.</p> www_ProductInformation_Category_160x136_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3252932099.png (Get Original) tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/4247006954/2099624510.jpg t f 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Type Single-lens reflex digital camera Lens mount Nikon F mount with AF coupling and AF contacts Effective angle of view Equivalent to angle produced by lens focal length (1.5 times when DX format is selected) Effective pixels 24.5 million Image sensor CMOS sensor, 35.9 x 24.0 mm; Nikon FX format Total pixels 25.72 million Dust-reduction system Image Dust Off reference data (optional Capture NX 2 software required) Image size (pixels) - FX format (36 x 24): 6,048 x 4,032 (L), 4,544 x 3,024 (M), 3,024 x 2,016 (S) - DX format (24 x 16): 3,968 x 2,640 (L), 2,976 x 1,976 (M), 1,984 x 1,320 (S) - 5:4 (30 x 24): 5,056 x 4,032 (L), 3,792 x 3,024 (M), 2,528 x 2,016 (S) Storage file formats 1) NEF (RAW): 12 or 14 bit, lossless compressed, compressed, or uncompressed 2) TIFF (RGB) 3) JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx. 1:4), normal (approx. 1:8), or basic (approx. 1:16) compression ([Size priority]); [Optimal quality] compression available 4) NEF (RAW) + JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats Picture Control System Four setting options: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome; each option can be adjusted Media CompactFlash (Type I/II, compliant with UDMA); Microdrives Dual card slot Slot 2 can be used for overflow or backup storage or for separate storage of NEF (RAW) and JPEG images File system Compliant with DCF 2.0, DPOF, Exif 2.21, and PictBridge Viewfinder SLR-type with fixed eye-level pentaprism Diopter adjustment -3 to +1 m-1 Eyepoint 18 mm (-1.0 m-1) Focusing screen Type B BriteView Clear Matte VI screen Frame coverage Approx. 100% (vertical/horizontal) in FX format, approx. 97% (vertical/horizontal) in DX format, approx. 100% (vertical) and approx. 97% (horizontal) in 5:4 Magnification Approx. 0.7x (50mm f/1.4 lens at infinity; -1.0 m-1) Reflex mirror Quick-return type Depth-of-field preview When CPU lens is attached, lens aperture can be stopped down to value selected by user (A and M modes) or value selected by camera (P and S modes) Lens aperture Instant-return type, with depth-of-field preview button Compatible lenses 1) Type G or D AF Nikkor: All functions supported 2) DX AF Nikkor: All functions supported except FX-format (36x24)/5:4 (30x24) image size 3) AF Nikkor other than type G or D<a class="fnref" href="#specFootnote2">2</a>: All functions supported except 3D Color Matrix Metering II 4) AI-P Nikkor: All functions supported except autofocus and 3D Color Matrix Metering II 5) Non-CPU AI Nikkor: Can be used in exposure modes A and M; electronic rangefinder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster; Color Matrix Metering and aperture value display supported if user provides lens data <a class="fnref" href="#specFootnote1">1</a>. IX-Nikkor lenses cannot be used <a class="fnref" href="#specFootnote2">2</a>. Excluding AF-Nikkor lenses for F3AF Shutter type Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter Shutter speed 1/8,000 to 30 s in steps of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV; Bulb Flash sync speed X = 1/250 s; flash synchronization at up to 1/250 s Release mode 1) Single-frame [S] mode 2) Continuous Low-speed [CL] mode 3) Continuous High-speed [CH] mode 4) Live View [LV] mode 5) Self-timer mode 6) Mirror-up [Mup] mode Frame advance rate &#x2022; DX format (24 x 16): Up to 5 fps (CL) or 5 to 7 fps (CH) &#x2022; Other image areas: Up to 5 fps Self-timer Electronically controlled timer with duration of 2, 5, 10 or 20 s Exposure metering TTL full-aperture exposure metering using 1,005-pixel RGB sensor Metering method 1) 3D Color Matrix Metering II (type G and D lenses); Color Matrix Metering II (other CPU lenses); Color Matrix Metering (non-CPU lenses if user provides lens data) 2) Center-Weighted: Weight of 75% given to 12-mm circle in center of frame, diameter of circle can be changed to 8, 15 or 20 mm, or weighting can be based on average of entire frame (non-CPU lenses use 12-mm circle or average of entire frame) 3) Spot: Meters 4-mm circle (about 1.5% of frame) centered on selected focus point (on center focus point when non-CPU lens is used) Metering range (ISO 100, f/1.4 lens, 20 °C/68 °F) 1) 0 to 20 EV (Matrix or Center-Weighted Metering) 2) 2 to 20 EV (Spot Metering) (ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens, at 20&#xb0;C/68&#xb0;F) Exposure meter coupling Combined CPU and AI Mode 1) Programmed Auto (P) with flexible program 2) Shutter-Priority Auto (S) 3) Aperture- Priority Auto (A) 4) Manual (M) Exposure compensation &#xb1;5 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV Exposure lock Exposure locked at detected value with AE-L/AF-L button Exposure bracketing Exposure and/or flash bracketing (2 to 9 exposures in increments of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or 1 EV) ISO sensitivity ISO 100 to 1600 in steps of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV; can be set to approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, or 1 EV (ISO 50 equivalent) below ISO 100, or to approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1, or 2 EV (ISO 6400 equivalent) over ISO 1600 Active D-Lighting Can be selected from [Auto], [Extra high], [High], [Normal], [Low], or [Off] Autofocus Nikon Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus sensor module with TTL phase-detection; 51 focus points (including 15 cross-type sensors); AF fine tuning possible Detection range -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100 at 20&#xb0;C/68&#xb0;F) Lens servo 1) Autofocus: Single-servo AF (S); Continuous-servo AF (C); Focus Tracking automatically activated according to subject status 2) Manual focus (M) with electronic rangefinder Focus points Single AF point can be selected from 51 or 11 focus points AF-area mode 1) Single-point AF 2) Dynamic-area AF [number of AF points: 9, 21, 51, 51 (3D-Tracking)] 3) Auto-area AF Focus lock Focus can be locked by pressing AE-L/AF-L button or by pressing shutter-release button halfway (Single-point AF in AF-S) Flash control 1) TTL flash control with 1,005-pixel RGB sensor; i-TTL balanced fill-flash and standard i-TTL fill-flash available with SB-900, 800, 600 or 400 2) Auto aperture (AA): Available with SB-900, 800 and CPU lens 3) Non-TTL auto (A): Available with SB-900, 800, 28, 27 or 22s 4) Range-priority manual (GN): Available with SB-900, and 800 Flash modes 1) Front-curtain sync (normal) 2) Slow sync 3) Rear-curtain sync 4) Red-eye reduction 5) Red-eye reduction with slow sync Flash-ready indicator Lights when Speedlight such as SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, SB-400, SB-80DX, SB-28DX, or SB-50DX is fully charged; blinks after flash is fired at full output Accessory shoe ISO 518 hot shoe with sync and data contacts, and safety lock Sync terminal ISO 519 sync terminal with locking thread Nikon Creative Lighting System With Speedlights such as SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, SB-R200, SU-800 (commander only), supports Advanced Wireless Lighting, Auto FP High-Speed Sync, Flash Color Information Communication, modeling flash and FV lock White balance &#x2022; Auto (TTL white balance with main image sensor and 1,005-pixel RGB sensor); &#x2022; Seven manual modes can be preset with fine-tuning; color temperature setting; white balance bracketing: 2 to 9 exposures in increments of 1, 2 or 3 Live View - Modes Handheld mode: TTL phase-detection AF with 51 focus areas (15 cross-type sensors) Tripod mode: Contrast-detect AF on a desired point within a specific area Monitor 3-in., approx. 920k-dot (VGA), 170-degree wide-viewing-angle, 100% frame coverage, low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD with brightness adjustment Playback Full-frame and thumbnail (4 or 9 images) playback with playback zoom, slide show, histogram display, highlight display, auto image rotation, image comment (up to 36 characters), and voice memo input and playback USB Hi-Speed USB Video output NTSC or PAL; simultaneous playback from both the video output and on the LCD monitor available HDMI output Type A connector is provided as HDMI output terminal; simultaneous playback from both the HDMI output terminal and on the LCD monitor not available Accessory terminal(s) Can be used to connect optional remote control, GPS Unit GP-1, or GPS device compliant with NMEA 0183 version 2.01 and 3.01 (requires optional GPS Adapter Cord MC-35 and cable with D-sub 9-pin connector) Supported languages Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Battery One Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a/EL4, Quick Charger MH-22/MH-21 AC adapter AC Adapter EH-6 (optional) Tripod socket 1/4 in. (ISO 1222) Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 159.5 x 157 x 87.5 mm/6.3 x 6.2 x 3.4 in. Weight Approx. 1,220 g/2 lb. 11 oz. without battery, memory card, body cap or accessory shoe cover Operating environment - temperature 0-40&#xb0;C/32-104&#xb0;F Operating environment - humidity Under 85% (no condensation) Supplied accessories Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a, Quick Charger MH-22, USB Cable UC-E4, Audio Video Cable EG-D2, Camera Strap AN-D3X, Body Cap BF-1A, Accessory Shoe Cover BS-2, Eyepiece DK-17, Battery Chamber Cover BL-4, USB Cable Clip, Software Suite CD-ROM <a class="fnref" href="#specFootnote1">1</a>Supplied accessories may differ depending on country or area (None) //NKBV-ISC-04/default/main/Nikon/EU/WORKAREA/main_wa/imported/images/01. NC Business Unit/01. Marketing Material/02. Digital SLR Cameras/Q280/06. PPDD/nikon_d3x_3d.swf (None) //NKBV-ISC-04/default/main/Nikon/EU/WORKAREA/main_wa/imported/images/01. NC Business Unit/01. Marketing Material/02. Digital SLR Cameras/Q280/06. PPDD/nikon_d3x.swf www_ProductInformation_Thumbnail_79_height_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3948583635.png www_ProductInformation_Key_Image_353x300_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3252932099.png (Get Original) tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/4247006954/2099624510.jpg www_ProductInformation_Thumbnail_79_height_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3406040685.png www_ProductInformation_Key_Image_353x300_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3193984173.png (Get Original) tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/4247006954/2099624510.jpg www_ProductInformation_Thumbnail_79_height_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/4189829566.png www_ProductInformation_Key_Image_353x300_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3088757814.png (Get Original) tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/4247006954/2099624510.jpg www_ProductInformation_Thumbnail_79_height_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/1439819317.png www_ProductInformation_Key_Image_353x300_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3362944918.png (Get Original) tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/4247006954/2099624510.jpg www_ProductInformation_Thumbnail_79_height_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3891913969.png www_ProductInformation_Key_Image_353x300_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/2127842398.png (Get Original) tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/4247006954/2099624510.jpg imported/images/01. NC Business Unit/01. Marketing Material/02. Digital SLR Cameras/Q280/06. PPDD/D3x_166x131_highlight_catalogue_small.swf <p>FX format professional SLR with a powerful 24.5 megapixel CMOS sensor; extendable ISO range of 100 to 1600; EXPEED image processing engine; and 5 fps continuous shooting. Sets a new benchmark for high-resolution SLR photography.</p> imported/images/01. NC Business Unit/01. Marketing Material/02. Digital SLR Cameras/Q280/06. PPDD/D3x_166x131_highlight_catalogue_small.swf imported/images/01. NC Business Unit/01. Marketing Material/02. Digital SLR Cameras/Q280/06. PPDD/D3x_350x131_highlight_catalogue_large.swf www_ProductInformation_Key_Image_353x300_PNG tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/420036856/3252932099.png <p>FX format professional SLR with a powerful 24.5 megapixel CMOS sensor; extendable ISO range of 100 to 1600; EXPEED image processing engine; and 5 fps continuous shooting. Sets a new benchmark for high-resolution SLR photography.</p> (Get Original) (None) imported/images/02. Regional Marketing Centre/BV/04. Agency/Internal/Website_Asset_Container/ProductTours/D3D3X/xml/en.xml FX (Get Original) <p>FX format professional SLR with a powerful 24.5 megapixel CMOS sensor; extendable ISO range of 100 to 1600; EXPEED image processing engine; and 5 fps continuous shooting. Sets a new benchmark for high-resolution SLR photography.</p> tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/3290275954/1146882674/2502850980/1272397526.jpg true category_image original black _self original black _self black _self (None) <p><strong><strong>24.5 megapixel FX format CMOS sensor</strong></strong> with high signal-to-noise ratio, wide dynamic range and 12-channel readout.</p> <p><strong><strong>ISO 100 – 1600:</strong></strong> extendable up to 6400 (equivalent) and down to ISO 50 (equivalent).</p> <p><strong><strong>5fps consecutive shooting</strong></strong> (7fps in DX Crop mode)</p> <p><strong><strong>EXPEED image processing engine</strong></strong> with 14-bit A/D conversion and 16-bit image processing for superb tonal gradation.</p> <p>Advanced <strong><strong>Scene Recognition System</strong></strong> combines the camera’s metering and AF sensors for precise exposures and sharply defined images.</p> <p><strong><strong>Multi-CAM3500FX 51-point AF system.</strong></strong> Individually selectable or configurable in 9-point, 21-point and 51-point coverage settings.</p> <p><strong><strong>Picture Controls</strong></strong> streamline in-camera image processing by enabling customization of image parameters before capture and offer complete control over sharpening, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation in various color modes.</p> <p><strong><strong>920,000-dot 3-inch VGA LCD monitor</strong></strong> with wide, 170-degree viewing angle.</p> <p><strong><strong>Live View with Autofocus</strong></strong> enables composition of images using the LCD monitor. Two modes are supported: Handheld or Tripod.</p> <p><strong><strong>Two Crop Modes:</strong></strong> DX format and 5:4 ratio. The DX crop mode can be automatically enabled when a DX lens is attached.</p> <p><strong><strong>Quick response:</strong></strong> approx. 40 ms shutter-lag and 55 ms viewfinder black-out.</p> <p><strong><strong>Highly accurate, durable Kevlar/carbon fiber-composite shutter unit:</strong></strong> Standard rating of 300, 000 cycles, with a maximum shutter speed of 1/8,000 sec and flash synchronization at up to 1/250 sec.</p> <p><strong><strong>Active D-Lighting</strong></strong> enables superior high-contrast images by automatically applying tone compensation at the moment of capture.</p> <p><strong><strong>Dual CF card slots:</strong></strong> configurable for parallel (simultaneous) or serial (consecutive) recording.</p> <p><strong><strong>HDMI</strong></strong> video output interface enables connection to high-definition video systems.</p> <p><strong><strong>Intuitive ergonomics</strong></strong> with optimized button placement for fast and comfortable handling.</p> <p><strong><strong>Durable magnesium</strong></strong><strong><strong> alloy body</strong></strong> built to withstand the rigors of the harshest of environments.</p> <p><strong><strong>Wireless LAN and Ethernet support</strong></strong> via optional Wireless Transmitter WT-4.</p> professional digital 24 fx 1600 professional Discontinued 2014 {} tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3236303702/2895235828.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3785818498/3498021828.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3236303702/16604150.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/233812445/2457052.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2229074692/3755606557.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/1283033662/2630474160.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/4115488898/620772010/2502850980/3886561593.png imported/images/web/EU/products/accessories/706-600/nikon_view_nx--original.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/805259692/3666342889.png /imported/images/web/EU/products/accessories/nikon_wireless_remote_controller_transmitter_wr-t10_205--original.png imported/images/web/EU/products/accessories/nikon_wireless_remote_controller_wr-1_353--original.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/134691168/2478387271/911538375/3413777306/479683613/2502850980/992708320.png /imported/images/web/EU/products/accessories/160-136/nikon_extension_cord_mc-21--original.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/275934926/2626226074.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/275934926/2308327113.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/275934926/2715071888.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2367607929/601190978.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/2824971629/794293157/1108565350/2838312790/2502850980/1895502421.jpg tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/2824971629/3147821649/794293157/1498784546/2502850980/4071681406.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3094425928/549042166/1909174485.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/2824971629/3147821649/794293157/777163700/2502850980/4012244649.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/162809814/2705208286.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/275934926/57894239.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/1269998795/2068839694.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3022103437/2606889195.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/1269998795/3814784532.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/134691168/2478387271/2154915935/4051319210/3705730172/2502850980/3550579613.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2223891492/4090086969.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2367607929/29529298.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3259834189/3334964149.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/1283033662/259833799.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2223891492/944240492.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/3259834189/3797244143.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2849859935/3147407269.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2391246626/34910176/134691168/2478387271/911538375/3413777306/479683613/2502850980/992708320.png imported/images/web/EU/products/accessories/nikon_commander_kit_r1c1_353--original.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/162809814/2662791247.png /imported/images/web/EU/products/accessories/nikon_remote_cord_mc-30_205--original.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1053240650/3915156789/2964121563/2223891492/997353559.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1577100463/865911390/3215197764.png tmp/EU/2419865273/3760176746/2327365364/27184057/1391280926/2780083465/1577100463/865911390/3215197764.png D3X #overview #tech_specs #accessories [{}] original /imported/images/web/EU/common/modules/nikon_mirrorless_camera_module--original.jpg IGNITE YOUR PASSION #fff Find out more yellow /sites/en_LT/products/category_pages/digital_cameras/mirrorless/overview.page _self 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