Capture every adventure

Turn stunning sights into perfect photos with a wide range of NIKKOR lenses that excel at photographing landmarks and scenery. Whether you're travelling abroad or shooting closer to home, you'll need a lightweight lens with enough flexibility to keep you shooting all day - whatever the scenery.


Characteristics of a Travel & Landscape Lens


Be ready to shoot anything that comes your way with NIKKOR's versatile all-in-one zooms and invaluable primes.

Low-light capability

Shoot spectacular sunrises or sunsets in exotic locations and take home beautifully colourful and crisp images, thanks to superb low light performance.


Compact and lightweight design means you can grab your lens and go - and stay out shooting all day without tiring.

Prime vs. Zoom

Prime Lenses

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Great in low light scenes for use with natural light
  • Largest apertures for softer backgrounds

Zoom Lenses

  • Great for wide, mid-range and close-up shots all in one lens
  • Zoom in without having to change your position
  • Typically offer Vibration Reduction (VR)