Capture fleeting moments

Street photography lenses enable you to capture passing moments in urban life. They strike the right balance between format and performance, so you can carry them with you at all times, and their wide aperture means they perform well in low-light scenarios. The wide to medium focal lengths allow you to capture a variety of scenes, and there's a street photography lens for every budget.


Characteristics of a Street Lens

Wide aperture

A wide aperture lets in more light so you can shoot in low-light situations without using flash. This ensures you can capture moments spontaneously. Wide aperture also allows you to isolate your subject from the background, giving your images a shallow depth of field.

Wide to medium focal lengths

With wide to medium focal lengths you have the flexibility to capture the whole scene or just a part of it, even when shooting in areas where space is restricted.

Easy to carry

Street lenses are comfortable to carry around all day, so you're always ready to shoot whenever you see a scene unfold.

Creativity around the corner

The beauty of street photography is that it captures a moment, a look, an interaction - something that catches the viewer's eye and holds it. Impactful images don't necessarily require expensive kits when you're capturing life as it happens. Creative expression through street photography is accessible for everyone.