Push your creativity further

When a shot calls for a unique point of view, using fisheye, perspective control or manual focus lenses can lift your composition to new heights. Whether you want to bend a scene or straighten it, special purpose lenses offer creative ways to personalise your point of view and express your vision of the world around you.


Types of Special Purpose Lenses


Fisheye lenses are capable of amazingly wide shots that bend and warp your compositions in impressive ways.

Perspective control

Perspective control lenses allow you to correct perspective anomalies in architectural shooting. They can also add dynamism to portraiture or still life and isolate details.

Manual focus

Manual focus lenses allow you to take complete control of where the focal point is in your compositions.

About Perspective Control Lenses

Nikon's high-performance perspective control lenses make it easy to adjust the focal plane of your lens without moving your camera's position. These types of lenses help you to bring an entire landscape into sharp focus, alter depth of field in a scene, selectively focus on chosen subjects, or offset perspective anomalies that can occur in architectural shooting.