Venture into the wild

If you're passionate about photographing the beauty of the natural world, you'll need a lens that brings you close enough to capture every detail from a safe distance. Take sharp shots of bears on the hunt or birds at rest without disturbing them, with powerful NIKKOR lenses designed for the nature enthusiast.


Characteristics of a Nature & Wildlife Lens

Powerful zoom

Get closer to wildlife than you'd ever dreamed, without disturbing the scene. Bring nature's power and majesty to life in compelling images.

Exquisite details

Be amazed by the details you can capture in breathtaking clarity with a powerful NIKKOR lens. See every whisker or leaf.

Flawless colour reproduction

Capture vibrant colours with a lens that reproduces nature's colour spectrum with lifelike accuracy.

VR for Nature & Wildlife Lenses

A steady camera is vital for capturing clear details in nature and wildlife shots. Nikon's exclusive Vibration Reduction (VR) technology offers the ideal solution for reducing image blur, due to camera shake. It increases your capacity for crisp hand-held shots, delivering dramatically sharper images in a wide range of shooting conditions.


Increase Your Reach with Teleconverters

Teleconverters are an affordable option for increasing your reach up to twice the distance, without having to invest in a super-telephoto lens. A teleconverter is essentially a magnifying lens placed between your camera body and lens, to create a telephoto effect.