Larger than life detail

Macro lenses can achieve super-sharp focus on even the tiniest of details. From the miniscule hairs on the legs of an insect to the secret world at the heart of flowers, you'll capture scenes of intricate detail and colour not visible to the naked eye.


Characteristics of a Macro Lens

Amazing magnification

Find extraordinary compositions all around you with extreme close-up potential.

Expose hidden details

Capture breathtaking detail and texture otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Close focus

Easily acquire sharp focus on subjects as close as 6 inches to the lens.

Working Distance and Focal Length

When using a macro lens, focal length influences how close you need to get to your subject - known as working distance. With a greater focal length, you can be further away from your subject and still achieve the effect of extreme closeness. Smaller focal lengths allow a very close working distance while easy focus acquisition is maintained.

105 mm
85 mm
60 mm
45 mm