Master of detail.
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Transcend what’s come before with the D850. When you have spectacular resolution, speed, and light sensitivity to work with, no creative canvas is too big. No detail is too small.

This is your vision. Executed fearlessly.

Go for the big reveal. The magic lies in your personal touch. And in richly detailed 45.4 MP images. This is the ultimate tool for your ultimate work.
Show your style. Loud and clear. With its backside-illuminated CMOS sensor and EXPEED 5 image processor, the D850 offers the ultimate combination of resolution and dynamic range. Image quality is exceptionally clean across the wide ISO 64–25600 light sensitivity range. And dynamic range is exceptional at both high and low ISO values. With 45.7 effective megapixels of imaging power, you can easily reproduce prints of any size and you gain the latitude to work on images in post without sacrificing any detail.
Razor-sharp doesn’t begin to describe it
Too much detail? Impossible. Texture, pattern, colour. It’s all about the detail.
Showcase your flair for your subject in pin-sharp brilliance. When you’re shooting through the viewfinder, the camera’s mechanical vibration control counters the vibrations caused by shutter release and mirror up. You’ll attain razor-sharp 45.4 MP images. And when all needs to be quiet on set, Silent Photography mode lets you shoot at up to 6 frames per second in Live View with no shutter-release sound.
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Light. Paint with it.
Every highlight. Every shade of black. With exceptional dynamic range, this camera is your artist’s brush.
The D850 delivers incredible dynamic range across the wide ISO range of 64–25600. You can extend to ISO 32 equivalent at the Lo 1 setting and ISO 108400 equivalent at the Hi 2 setting. The EXPEED 5 processor ensures exceptionally clean output. Metering goes all the way down to -3 EV and the autofocus system boasts sensitivity down to -4 EV (ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F) at the central point. Benefit from rich tonal definition under the brightest sunlight. Sharply define detail in the deepest shadows. Easily manage reflections or studio LED lights. Or open up the night without the need for additional lighting on location.
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Turn it up

Dance, bend, jump, twist. With the D850’s powerful combination of resolution and speed, you’ll capture the beauty of motion with exceptional finesse.
However you direct your models to move, the D850 delivers the precision to make it work. The camera shoots at 7 fps with the body only. Or you can shoot at up to 9 fps using the optional MB-D18 Multi-Power Battery Pack with the EN-EL18B battery (used in the D5) inserted. The fast, precise 153-point AF system—inherited from the D5—offers broad, high-density coverage. Subjects at the edge of the frame are easily detected, and vertical shooting can be executed with phenomenal accuracy. Group Area AF mode delivers stunning background isolation, even when shooting subjects against a similarly coloured background.
Reveal it all
The smallest details. In mesmerising focus. With exceptional pinpoint AF, you can hone in on exquisite elements.
With Pinpoint AF (available in Live View shooting), you can create dramatic visions of tiny details: the logo on a new piece of tech, the texture of a dress. The 8 cm (3.2 in) 2359k-dot touchscreen tilting LCD monitor offers touch shutter-release and autofocus during Live View shooting for freer composition. Quickly confirm shots in stellar detail on the high-resolution, high-contrast display: double tap a portion of any image to see a 100 % view of the image area. The Crop Size Setting menu, also accessible in Live View via the i button, allows you to easily resize and send images to clients on the spot.
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The ultimate composition
Subtle reflections. Bold expressions. Get clear, real-time confirmation of the detail you’re framing with the bright 0.75x optical viewfinder.
The viewfinder’s wide field of view and high-resolution, high-contrast display guarantee pin-sharp subject confirmation of every detail. OLED elements ensure shooting information is easily read in any lighting conditions. And mechanical vibration control counters both shutter-release and mirror-up vibrations, effectively minimising the causes of blur. The images you capture will be as sharp as the finder you’re framing them through.
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Studio to street

Freely go wherever your ideas take you. The camera’s radio-controlled lighting capabilities and wide ISO range give you the flexibility to shoot anywhere.
The D850 delivers exceptionally clean image quality across the wide ISO 64–25600 light sensitivity range. You have total freedom to shoot in available light. When you are working with studio lighting or controlled outdoor lighting, Nikon’s Advanced Wireless Lighting system lets you command single or multiple flashgun setups with ease. Place up to three groups of remote Speedlights to achieve creatively lit shots with almost no interference from obstacles or ambient lighting. With a range of Speedlights and Speedlight systems suited to every assignment, you can travel with a small footprint. And still go big on creativity.

Works as hard and long as you do

The D850 is built to perform. And perform. And perform. Wherever you shoot.
With a battery life of 1840 shots (extendable up to 5140 shots with the optional MB-D18 Battery Pack), the D850 can handle a reshoot or two. Extensive weather sealing means this camera is not afraid of spray, mist, or fog machines. All RAW size files (Large, Medium, and Small) retain incredible dynamic range, and JPEGs are available for quick on-site confirmation—or for easy transfer to agencies. The WT-7 Wireless Transmitter lets you connect a network cable to the camera and transfer images directly to an FTP server or computer at speeds of up to 866.7 Mbps. And in-camera RAW batch-processing options dramatically improve production efficiency.