NOOR's documentary photographers collaborate on group projects to highlight issues of global importance. Investigative projects have included 'Consequences' on climate change, 'Food For Thought' on food supply and waste, 'The New Brazil' on the country's economic boom, 'Modern Day Slavery' and ‘Light on Africa’.


'Consequences' focuses on climate change issues due to the rise of global temperatures. As a multi-year group project it was exhibited during the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, where NOOR photographers participated in a panel discussion with international thought leaders and policy makers.


Following up on 'Consequences', 'Solutions' looks at how to combat climate change and focuses on those seeking a more sustainable way of life. Finalised in 2010, this group project covers human stories about alternative power sources, renewable energy and methods of coping with rising temperatures.

The new Brazil

As a country in rapid transition, 'The New Brazil' documents a complex modern society in a rising economic boom. NOOR's group project creates an eyewitness record of the many faces of this nation of immense natural resources and vibrant multiculturalism, while its influence on the world stage grows.

Food for thought

“Food For Thought” examines the supply chain and food waste around the globe, including cultural anomalies like eating competitions in the US, where participants gorge to win prizes. It reports on movements to cut back on the waste of food, not just as an economic issue but as one of sustainability.

Modern day Slavery

With 'Modern Day Slavery', NOOR photographers delve into the dark heart of human trafficking for slavery. This group project raises awareness and emphasises the urgency of an issue that affects an estimated 20.9 million people - 27% of whom are children - in countries all around the globe.

Light on Africa

“NOOR on Africa” means “Light On Africa”. It offers a new visual dialogue on the continent, questioning the way stories are made and told. Portraits of Africa were created through stories of political and social expression in Tunisia, South Sudan, Ghana, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Botswana.